Popular prizes

Win the most popular prizes in Malaysian contests here. On this page, we have compiled the prizes which are most frequently searched for by visitors of CariContest. Prizes you can find here might be something that goes viral or something which is an online trend. It could be that it is the latest smartphone release, voucher from the hot place, fashion trends, new novel from the popular author or a ticket to the newest Hollywood film release. However, it is really worth to explore more in the category to find out the full list of our competition. But in case you can not wait to look into your favorite things, take this shortcut to find and win in your favourite type of contest. But you need to know, when you join to the popular competitions, you will probably have more competitors than the unpopular ones. So, we suggest you to not only focus on popular competitions. It will be better if you also take part in several other competitions so that your chances to win are even greater. Don’t miss out and take this shortcut to find and win in your favourite type of contest.!

Contests to win handphones and smartphones

Win handphone---smartphone
Samsung and iPhone have become market champions in 2020 because of their cellphone products that are favorite for everyone. Call it the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S9 which have been very popular since its launch. For lovers of Apple products, of course, must discuss the sophistication.. (read more) - Win handphones and smartphones

Contests to win fashion items

Win fashion-items
Who doesn’t like giveaways?! We are gathering the best fashion and beauty giveaways in one place. Win free fashion items such as clothes, shoes and handbags. There are many types of clothes here such as t-shirt, blouse, crop top, sweater, waistcoats, skirts, jackets, coats, trousers, shorts or.. (read more) - Win fashion items

Contests to win a Sephora Gift Card

Win a-Sephora-Gift-Card
Sephora vouchers are very popular prizes in Malaysia and we find competitions to win these vouchers every week. Sephora give out free gift cards themselves but there is also many other promoters who use these gift cards for Sephora as prizes in their own competitions. They are as good as cash as.. (read more) - Win a Sephora Gift Card

Contests to win fastfood vouchers

Win Fastfood-Vouchers
Do you want a free meal at your favourite fastfood restaurants? Then, you will like to check this list. Here you can find some vouchers or gift cards to pamper your stomach. You might want to have a free dinner with your friends or family at Domino, KFC, McDonalds, Chili's, Monday Mania, Subway and.. (read more) - Win fastfood vouchers

Contests to win a Starbucks voucher

Win a-Starbucks-voucher
A cup of coffee with a whipped cream on top. What is the first think comes out in your mind when you heard that words? Do you imagine a glass of Starbucks coffee? Now, we have some good news for a Starbucks coffee lover like you. We got some Starbucks vouchers to spend. Get your most favourite.. (read more) - Win a Starbucks voucher

Contests to win a KFC voucher

Win a-KFC-voucher
Do you like to eat fastfood? If yes, you might familiar or even really like this brands, KFC. It is one of the most favourite fast food restaurant in Malaysia. It is well-known by it's signature dish, crispy fried chicken. Moreover, they also have other delicious menu like burger, creamy soup,.. (read more) - Win a KFC voucher

Contests to win tickets for music concerts and performances

Win tickets-for-music-concerts-and-performances
Tickets are very popular prizes and often given out by the organizers of concerts and performances to promote their events. We also find such contests by radio stations. If you are lucky enough, you might found some tickets to Kpop's concert like Blackpink, BTS, EXO or Twice. Sometimes, there are.. (read more) - Win tickets for music concerts and performances

Contests to win an LCD TV

Win an-LCD-TV
Competitions to win large LCD or LED TV sets. Win a Sony Bravia, Samsung, LG,Sharp or Panasonic LCD TV. Some of the prizes even include blu-ray or home entertainment systems. This sophisticated stuff is one of the most favourite home appliance for everyone. Explore our categories if you want to.. (read more) - Win an LCD TV

Contests to win trip to Singapore

Win trip-to-Singapore
That little country that holds a million charms is Singapore. Do you want to shop for branded goods? Orchard Road is the answer. Don't forget to visit the Merlion statue to capture the moment with Singapore's iconic city. For business gifts and family and friends, please go to Bugis because.. (read more) - Win trip to Singapore

Contests to win a camera

Win a-camera
Do you like photography? Want to replace your old camera? Or are you just starting to like this hobby but don't have enough money to buy a new camera? Don't be sad because we provide contests that offer camera prizes ranging from Fujifilm's epic mirrorless camera, Insta X Mini or even the famous Go.. (read more) - Win a camera

Contests to win an Asian holiday trip

Win an-Asian-holiday-trip
There are many popular destinations for your free holiday in Asia. In repose between mountains and sea, Busan is a stunning confluence of scenery, culture and cuisine. It’s long been domestically lauded as the country’s best beach getaway, but South Korea’s second largest city packs an.. (read more) - Win an Asian holiday trip

Contests to win free trips or holiday

Win free-trips-or-holiday
Free trips and holidays are very popular prizes in Australian competitions and you see them offered by a lot of organizers of free online competitions. Check this page for a selection of really cool free trips to be won. Under our prize category (read more) - Win free trips or holiday

Contests to win petrol

Win Petrol
We have list of contests to win petrol voucher, grab yours! Get free and you can win petrol at all major petrol station. Win free fuel in a StarCash Petrol Card at Caltex. Find your competitions to get many things related to free petrol voucher or gift card to spend at petrol station. You can also.. (read more) - Win petrol

Contests to win cash

Win cash
Everyone would love to have money giveaway. You can go to your dream destinations or treat yourself and your loved ones a special gift. Cash back from popular marketplace like Zalora, Lazada, Shopee, JD.com, Sephora are also available here sometimes. Vouchers to get discount from online purchasing.. (read more) - Win cash

Contests to win a trip to Bali

Win a-trip-to-Bali
What do you think if you hear the word island of the gods (Bali)? Yep! One of them is the beauty of Kuta beach which always invites local and foreign tourists to visit every year. Having been named as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, of course Bali is a favorite destination for.. (read more) - Win a trip to Bali

Contests to win a Samsung Galaxy

Win a-Samsung-Galaxy
Get the Samsung Galaxy series before others get it in this competition. We have some competitions related to these hottest smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone was launched in March 2018 and the latest Samsung Galaxy S10. In 2019, everyone was craving for S10 which has a 6.1 inch screen, 1080p.. (read more) - Win a Samsung Galaxy

Contests to win Apple iPhone

Win Apple-iPhone
The Apple iPhone series is still one of the biggest draws in competitions in Singapore. Do you want free iPhone X gift? You can check for other smart phones in our category Electronics which always has the latest gadget giveaway. This world’s most powerful personal device latest flagship is the.. (read more) - Win Apple iPhone