Win a RM200 Starbucks gift card

Are you a Starbucks fan? There is a Starbucks giveaway for you to join! You can get a Starbucks gift card worth RM2,000. Treat yourself at the end of the day with a free Starbucks from winning a giveaway contest. To stand a chance to win, simply complete all the fields on contest form and follow all the instructions. There are ten winners who will get the free Starbucks gift card. So you have bigger chances to win, but you should not waste any time. Join and win this exclusive gift card offers. Bring your favorite flavor of Starbucks coffee home!
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:    FunClub
:    RM 2,000
No. of prizes
:    10
:    free
Contest type  
:    Sign-up Contest  
:    Random Draw Competition  
:    2020-12-31


Win a RM200 Starbucks gift card is a competition by FunClub and has a prize pool of RM 2,000 for 10 prizes. The overall prize value is just average. I does not cost anything to participate. Starbucks or nothing! It's a great prize for coffee lovers. A prizes offer to get a free Starbucks coffee with a gift card voucher. Such an interesting opportunity to make your day brighter. A free cup of coffee for the day, especially a Starbucks coffee, such an awesome thing you don't want to miss! We have reviewed competitions by this brand quite a few times before. Note: We disclose that this is a sponsored listing on our site for which we still aim to provide an objective review.
Our rating 4.5 of 5.0    ©CariContest, 2019-12-29

A delicious and creamy Starbucks to START a day, choose your favorite free Starbucks drink. (Image Courtesy of Unsplash)

Tips for joining a Random Draw Competition

Check out the overview of contest types to learn more on how to enter and find similar contests. In Lucky Draw Competitions the winner will be selected randomly from all entries. To join this contest, all you need is just complete the lucky draw entry form online. The form usually contains your full name, phone number, email and address that can be used to contact the winner later on. Therefore, make sure you fill in the form completely and correctly so the organizer can contact and verify your data easily. Sometimes there is additional conditions like a proof of purchase. Then the organizer may ask you to upload a picture of your shopping receipt. So to maximize your chance to win the lucky draw fill your data correctly and read the rules to check if there are other things that you need to do to qualify.

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Terms and conditions of the contest "Win a RM200 Starbucks gift card "
according to the contests organizers. This contest is open to all of Malaysia residents age 18 or above only.
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