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Win a family car or luxury car of your dreams here!

Do you ever dream about winning a car? Here is where your dreams might come true. When you just visited this website, this could be the first page you visit. Well, it was not really surprising, because this category is really eye-catching. In this category, we specially collect various competition to win a car. Here you can win a nice BMW or elegant Audi if you get really lucky. Otherwise, maybe a futuristic Lexus or just a minimalist Hyundai or the legend Ford. Don’t forget about the cool local car, Proton. The competitions listed here, have many different types of car. You can win a family car (MPV), sporty car (SUV), hatchback, city car, mini bus, or a luxury van. All of cars here are maybe dominated by Asian car, Japanese brand like Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Daihatsu and Isuzu. Maybe some of Korean car like Hyundai, Daewoo and Kia also dominated the list. However, you can find some of European car like Lamborghini, Maserati, Fiat, Opel, Volvo, Rover, or a retro Volkswagen.

Each competition has their own criteria and different requirements. The competition can be very tight as you know that everyone out there wants to win the same thing you craving for. It depends on your luck. But you can always note that you can be one step ahead of your competitors by subscribing our notifications and take the chance as soon as possible. But, no worries, there can also be contests for car accessories like bike racks, customized headlamp, many racing kits that make your car perform better or more eye catching. These kind of prizes may increase your chance to win because your competitors might not pay attention to these and focus to aim the big prizes. Maybe you manage to win free fuel for a year or get a free car for the weekend? Or maybe even a whole year! Good luck.

However, there are many ways to enter the competition on this page. Each organizer of the competition have different requirements. Some use a randomized system so you only need to fill out the online forms provided as easy as when you enter competitions in supermarkets. However, there are also organizers that require competition participants to fill out surveys to be able to participate in the competition, some of them also requiring reposting a post on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or even requiring the purchase of a particular product. You are expected to be more careful and pay close attention to any competition requirements you follow to avoid fraud and increase your chances to win.

Cars & Motorbikes
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Ends  2021-12-31