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Samsung and iPhone have become market champions in 2020 because of their cellphone products that are favorite for everyone. Call it the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S9 which have been very popular since its launch. For lovers of Apple products, of course, must discuss the sophistication of the iPhone 11 Pro and new iPhone SE. But we all know with amazing features of course the price is not cheap. Talking about a smartphone whose price fits in the pocket, VIVO is the champion. This smartphone is present among consumers by offering sophisticated smartphone smartphone specifications at affordable prices. Are you looking for a free mobile quiz with prizes? In CariKontes you don't need to spend money to have a free smartphone because we provide quizzes to win free cellphones that you are ready to win every time. The types are diverse and come from various brands, ranging from free Samsung phones, iPhones to VIVO. Instead of spending money to buy a new cell phone, better take the free cellphone quiz from us and win the free smartphone of your dreams. What are you waiting for? Explore our categories and find one that suits you the best! You may also want to browse for related prizes in our section with Electronics contests. We are also showing similar completed contests which we have in our archive because there is always a chance that a completed contest is started again by the organizer. If you cannot find your special wish in our list you can try a contest in the category vouchers or money which you can use to get what you are really looking for.

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